Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50: 365 Days of Easy


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Are you stuck in a never-ending cycle of bad habits and feeling constantly tired, bloated and stressed? If so, you are not alone. Women over 50 are much more susceptible to various health issues, and often find themselves dealing with the effects of menopause such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, and difficulty getting rid of excess weight.

But what if I told you there is a way to break the cycle and feel like you are in your 30s again? Intermittent fasting is an innovative slimming system that can help you detoxify your body, lose weight quickly, and continue to enjoy your favorite foods!

Why Intermittent Fasting is the Ideal Slimming System for Women Over 50

Intermittent fasting is the perfect solution for women over 50 who are looking to boost their energy, delay aging and regain their fitness. This method can help you lose those extra pounds without having to count calories or feel deprived. It’s also the ideal way to detoxify your body and reduce bloating and heaviness.

What’s Inside the Intermittent Fasting Guide for Women Over 50

This guide has been designed with women over 50 in mind and includes all of my best tips and advice. Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to approach Intermittent Fasting with the right mindset to unlock your body’s natural fat-burning quickly and without stress
  • Expert advice: A detailed list of frequently asked questions and myths to dispel about Fasting to answer any doubts and fears you might have about this meal plan
  • Mistakes to avoid, tips and tricks to manage hunger, speed up your metabolism and boost your energy
  • Balanced and healthy recipes to keep eating with taste and cooking new dishes without ever getting bored
  • A free bonus: A 28-day Workout Plan structured in 30 minutes per day (with exercises you can do at home) to accelerate your metabolism and improve your well-being

Say Goodbye to Counting Calories, Feeling Stressed and Deprived

With this Intermittent Fasting Guide, you’ll finally be able to reach your weight loss goals without counting calories, feeling deprived or stressed. You’ll look younger and feel happier!

You don’t need to be a nutrition expert to get started. All the tips and advice included in this book are easy to follow, and allow you to have a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Order your copy now and give your body and mind a new shape and energy!

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Publisher: Independently published (December 27, 2022)

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Customer F.A.Q. about Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50: 365 Days of Easy

What is the most effective intermittent fasting plan for a woman of 50 years of age?

The 16/8 or 18/6 rule is the most sustainable option when it comes to a daily eating routine. This means consuming healthy meals within a 6- to 8-hour window and fasting for the remaining 16 to 18 hours. However, if you are just starting out, you may want to consider other variations of timing.

Is there any evidence to suggest that intermittent fasting is effective for women aged 50 or older?

Studies suggest that intermittent fasting may be beneficial for women over 50 in terms of improving metabolic health, weight, blood pressure, inflammation, and physical fitness while still preserving muscle and bone mass. Research has shown that this type of fasting could be a healthy way to improve these aspects of health even as one ages.

How often should a woman practice intermittent fasting?

On non-fasting days, women should eat normally. This type of fasting
allows women to maintain a healthy diet while giving their bodies a break from
digesting food.

Which intermittent fasting plan is the simplest to follow?

The 12-hour fast can be done by scheduling the fasting period to include sleep. For example, one could opt to fast between 7 pm and 7 am, meaning they’d need to finish dinner before 7 pm and wait until 7 am for breakfast, but the majority of the time would be spent asleep.

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Specification: Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50: 365 Days of Easy

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Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50: 365 Days of Easy
Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50: 365 Days of Easy
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