Should You Drink Diet Soda During Intermittent Fasting? Get the Facts Here!

Diet Soda During Intermittent Fasting: Get the Facts Here!

When it comes to intermittent fasting, it can be difficult to know what you can and can’t have during your fasting window. Many people have heard that diet soda won’t break the fast, but is that really true? Here, we’ll take a look at the facts about diet soda and intermittent fasting, and provide some tips on the best drinks to have during your fasting window.

What’s the Connection Between Diet Soda and Fasting?

Autumn Bates, a certified clinical nutritionist, explains that “technically speaking, most diet sodas that have zero calories will not break a fast.” But, the fact is that many dieters recommend avoiding overly sweet-tasting drinks like diet soda, as they can still trigger cravings and make it more difficult to stay in a fasted state.

Does Diet Soda Break a Fast?

Technically, diet sodas are okay to consume while fasting since these are calorie-free drinks that do not stimulate the mTOR, a protein kinase. However, this does not mean that consuming diet soda during intermittent fasting is a good idea. Diet soda may have 0 calories, but it can still break your fast by stimulating the release of insulin, which is the hormone that signals your body to start burning glucose instead of fat.

What About Diet Coke and Fasting?

Technically, you can consume a diet coke while intermittent fasting as it’s a zero calorie beverage. However, many dieters recommend avoiding overly sweet-tasting drinks like diet coke, as they can still trigger cravings and make it more difficult to stay in a fasted state.

What About Coke Zero and Fasting?

No, you should not drink Diet Coke while intermittent fasting. Diet Coke contains artificial sweeteners that will trigger an insulin response, which can reduce the effectiveness of the fast. It’s best to avoid Coke Zero while fasting.

Does Gatorade Zero Break a Fast?

When intermittent fasting, Gatorade Zero is much like Coke Zero or Diet Coke in that it contains zero sugar and zero calories. Because of this technically speaking, it will not break a fast. However, if your goal with intermittent fasting is to reduce cravings and overall hunger, then it’s best to avoid Gatorade Zero and other overly sweet-tasting drinks.

Can You Drink Diet Soda During Intermittent Fasting?

Diet soda is another “grey area” drink, this time due to its artificial sweeteners. Even though diet soda has zero calories, the artificial sweeteners can still trigger a mild insulin response and break the fast. For this reason, many dieters recommend avoiding diet soda while intermittent fasting, as it can make it more difficult to stay in a fasted state.

What Are the Best Drinks During Intermittent Fasting?

If you’re looking for a beverage to enjoy during your fasting window, some of the best options include black coffee, herbal tea, and plain water. Black coffee is a great option as it’s calorie-free and provides a boost of energy. Herbal teas are also great for providing a variety of health benefits without breaking the fast. Finally, plain water is the best option for staying hydrated and maintaining a fasted state.


In conclusion, diet soda during fasting may not exactly break your intermittent fasting, but it may make you crave food. Instead of diet soda, choose beverages like black coffee, herbal tea, and plain water to stay in a fasted state and reduce cravings. By choosing the right drinks during intermittent fasting, you can maximize the benefits of your fast and reach your health and wellness goals.

Will drinking Diet Coke interrupt an intermittent fast?

Some of these can still raise your insulin levels, which can disrupt your fast.

Which beverages can be consumed without breaking an intermittent fasting period?

Herbal Teas. …
Clear Vegetable Broths.

Does consuming 20 calories end a fast?

Essentially, if someone is following a strict fasting routine, they should abstain from consuming anything containing calories. However, for those adhering to a more lenient fasting regimen, it is possible to consume up to a quarter of their daily calorie intake while fasting.

Does drinking diet soda cause the body to release insulin?

Drinking diet soda may be associated with weight gain and metabolic syndrome, which can exacerbate diabetes or increase the likelihood of developing it. Additionally, certain sweeteners found in diet soda can cause sudden increases in blood insulin levels, negatively affecting insulin sensitivity and leading to higher blood sugar levels.

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