Does Sperm Break Intermittent Fasting? An Explainer

Intermittent fasting has become popular in recent years as a way to boost health and achieve several physical and mental benefits. But you might be wondering: does sperm break intermittent fast?

The answer is that it depends on the type of fast and how strictly you follow the fast. Generally speaking, sperm has such a negligible amount that it won’t affect your fast, unless you are on a very strict diet or fasting regimen.

Does Sperm Break Strict Fasts?

If you’re following a strict fast (only water) then technically yes, sperm does break it. However, it has such a small amount of calories that it is unlikely to significantly impact your fast. Whether or not that breaks your fast depends more on how strict your doctor is, rather than if you swallow or spit out the semen.

Does Intentional Ejaculation Break the Fast?

Intentional ejaculation, regardless of the cause, such as masturbation, sexual intercourse, kissing, hugging, or touching, will void the fast. This means that if you ejaculate, your fast is broken and must be made up.

Does Semen Come Out During Conjugal Relations?

Conjugal relations such as kissing, touching, and hugging which don’t result in sexual intercourse and which don’t involve the release of semen, don’t generally invalidate the fast.


In general, sperm has such a negligible amount that it won’t affect your intermittent fast. Unless you are on a very strict diet or fasting regimen, it is unlikely that a single ejaculation will break your fast. Conjugal relations which don’t involve the release of semen, such as kissing, touching, and hugging, don’t invalidate the fast. Intentional ejaculation will void the fast, and the fast must be made up.

What effect does fasting have on sperm?

Some of the sperm cells may have perished due to inadequate nutrients to keep them alive during the period of fasting. Additionally, the normal process of spermatogenesis may have been disrupted by the fasting, causing a decrease in sperm count.

What could interfere with intermittent fasting?

What interrupts your fasting?

Technically, any type of caloric intake will end a fast. However, individuals who are following a strict fasting routine should refrain from consuming anything that has calories in it. For those who are following a modified fasting diet, they may be able to consume up to 25% of their daily caloric requirements while still fasting.

Is there a period of rest during intermittent fasting?

It’s perfectly fine to take a break if you need it. Take a day to relax and refocus on what’s important. Stick to a healthy diet, but don’t forget to treat yourself with something delicious like a nutritious protein smoothie or a portion of healthy beef and broccoli. Then get back on track the next day.

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