Does Monk Fruit Break Intermittent Fasting? The Answer Revealed!

Are you concerned that consuming monk fruit during intermittent fasting might break your fast and disrupt your progress? Although monk fruit sweetener doesn’t raise blood glucose levels and therefore is technically fine to have (in small amounts) with Intermittent Fasting (IF), you still want to be sure before incorporating this sweetener into your routine.

This article will answer the question of whether monk fruit breaks a fast, so you can make an informed decision regarding this sugar alternative.

What Is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit is a sweetener made from the dried fruit of an ancient Chinese melon called Siraitia grosvenorii. It is also known as luo han guo or Buddha fruit. Monk fruit extract is significantly sweeter than table sugar, but it doesn’t raise blood glucose levels and has no calories or carbs. It is generally considered safe to consume while fasting because it doesn’t raise blood sugar.

Does Monk Fruit Break a Fast?

No, monk fruit does not break a fast, meaning you can consume it during an active fasting period. Intermittent fasting causes your insulin levels to drop, and this allows your body to more effectively burn fat and detoxify. Monk fruit does not inhibit fasting for the purpose of longevity. The main components of monk fruit extract are antioxidants, which can actually support your fasting efforts.

Can You Have Monk Fruit During Intermittent Fasting?

Yes, you can have monk fruit while fasting. Adding monk fruit to your coffee or tea while intermittent fasting is perfectly fine. Since monk fruit has no calories and doesn’t raise blood sugar, it won’t break your fast. A small amount of monk fruit extract, such as one teaspoon, is generally considered safe while fasting.

Does Erythritol Break a Fast?

Erythritol is another sugar alternative that has no calories and does not raise blood sugar. Erythritol has no effect on insulin or blood glucose, so it’s safe to consume while fasting. Still, it’s best to use monk fruit or erythritol in moderation while intermittent fasting.


In conclusion, monk fruit does not break a fast. It is a safe sugar alternative to use while intermittent fasting since it has no calories, carbs, or effect on insulin or blood sugar. As long as you use monk fruit in moderation, it won’t disrupt your fast. So go ahead and add a bit of monk fruit to your coffee or tea while fasting – it won’t break your fast!

Does consuming monk fruit sugar interfere with fasting?

Monk fruit extract does not interfere with fasting for the purpose of promoting longevity, as it contains no proteins that might activate mTOR. Furthermore, it is made up of mostly antioxidants, which may even help to support the fasting process.

Would consuming monk fruit interrupt ketosis?

Does stevia and monk fruit interfere with fasting?

Therefore, it can be used as a replacement for sugar when fasting and will not break the fast.

Which sweetener can be consumed without disrupting an intermittent fasting plan?

Artificial sweeteners like Stevia, Swerve, Aspartame, and Splenda won’t interfere with a fast because they don’t appear to affect the body’s insulin production or sugar levels. However, you may want to avoid them for other health reasons. Cinnamon, on the other hand, won’t disrupt a fast and may even help enhance your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

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