The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan: Freedom from Overeating, Emotional


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Say Goodbye to Binge Eating with This 10-Day Plan

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Are you an emotional eater or do you overeat? Are your negative feelings and thoughts about your body keeping you from reaching your goals?

Discover the quick and easy way to finally stop binge eating with this 10-day plan. Written in an entertaining and accessible way, this plan is positive, practical, and easy to follow.

Benefits of This 10-Day Plan

This 10-day plan will help you:

  • Deal with food cravings and the compulsion to overeat.
  • Discover why you find it difficult to eat moderately and what to do about it.
  • Deal with common habits that undermine healthy eating and change them.
  • Improve your self-esteem and body image.
  • Explore what motivates you and how this relates to your eating.

The plan is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight easily and safely, needs to stop overeating or emotional eating, or struggles to maintain a healthy weight long term. Plus, it comes with a free hypnotherapy audio download to reinforce the plan and help you break free from binge eating for good.

Why is This 10-Day Plan Unique and Special?

This plan is not a traditional diet book. Instead, it detoxes your thinking from the beliefs and mindsets that sabotage your weight loss. You’ll learn how to make lasting changes to your eating habits and will no longer be a slave to cravings and urges.

Plus, it’s much more than just a plan. The 10 days of this plan will truly transform your eating forever. You’ll feel more empowered when it comes to food and will be able to make positive, healthy choices that you can maintain for the long term.

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your eating habits and start living the life you deserve. Order this book today and release yourself from the grip of food obsession.

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Customer F.A.Q. about The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan: Freedom from Overeating, Emotional

What steps can I take to prevent emotional and binge eating?

Plan your meals. …
Focus on your health.

To help curb emotional eating, consider maintaining a food diary to track your eating habits, managing stress levels, assessing your hunger levels, seeking support, finding ways to occupy yourself, removing unhealthy food from your environment, allowing yourself to enjoy treats occasionally, choosing nutritious snacks, meal prepping and making health a priority.

What is the name of the mental health issue related to binge eating followed by purging?

People with bulimia nervosa may then attempt to compensate for their binge eating by purging the food through forced vomiting, excessive use of laxatives, or over-exercising.

Bulimia nervosa is a disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of consuming an excessive amount of food and having an inability to control one’s eating. To counterbalance this, those with bulimia nervosa may use methods such as inducing vomiting, taking laxatives, or engaging in excessive physical activity to try and eliminate the food from their body.

What steps can you take to prevent yourself from continuing to overeat?

She suggests establishing the following five habits to help prevent overeating: sitting down while eating, focusing on one task at a time, savoring your food, taking the time to eat, and tuning into your hunger cues.

What amount of weight can you shed by ceasing binge eating?

It is possible to shed 20 to 30 pounds if you stop binge eating, however, if you do not address the reasons for your bingeing, you could end up gaining the weight back plus an extra 10 pounds. To help maintain a healthy weight without risking a relapse, here are five helpful strategies: 1) Make sure to eat regular meals and snacks; 2) Exercise regularly; 3) Keep track of food intake; 4) Seek support from family and friends; and 5) Consult with a professional to find ways to address the underlying issues.

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The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan: Freedom from Overeating, Emotional
The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan: Freedom from Overeating, Emotional
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