Conquering Hunger During Intermittent Fasting: Tips & Tricks

Hunger During Intermittent Fasting – How to Tackle It

Intermittent fasting (IF) has become increasingly popular in recent times, with more and more people seeking to understand how to reap its benefits. One common query amongst those looking to incorporate IF into their diet is how to deal with hunger. This article covers the best ways to tackle hunger during intermittent fasting.

Salt and Water – Staving Off Hunger

Salt (sodium) is an electrolyte. Adding a pinch to a pint of water during fasting hours can help you feel less hungry and potentially eliminate hunger altogether. It’s important to be aware, however, that while this method can be beneficial, it should not be abused. Doing so could lead to other health issues.

Hunger is Normal – How to Manage It

And the answer is yes, hunger is completely normal. When you first start incorporating intermittent fasting into your routine, you will likely experience some amount of hunger. The best way to deal with hunger while you’re intermittent fasting is to prevent it. If you eat beneficial foods and drink plenty of water, you’ll be less likely to experience hunger.

Drink Up – Keeping Hydrated

Many people find they experience less hunger and cravings when they drink more water during the day. Water helps keep your body hydrated and can help to reduce hunger. Drinking water before meals can also help you to feel fuller faster, helping to reduce overall calorie intake.

Sparkling Water – An Alternative Option

Drink sparkling water. Drinking plain water (cold, hot, room temperature or however you like it) helps curb appetite when fasting, but sometimes you need something a bit more stimulating. The carbonation in a can or bottle of sparkling water can help suppress your appetite and make you feel less hungry while you’re fasting. Plus, it’s a great way to switch up your routine and add some extra flavor. Crack open a fresh, cold can of sparkling water and enjoy – it might just be the key to conquering hunger during intermittent fasting.


Hunger during intermittent fasting is a normal part of the process. The best way to deal with hunger and cravings is to prevent them in the first place by eating beneficial foods and drinking plenty of water. Adding a pinch of salt to a pint of water during fasting hours can also help to stave off hunger. Sparkling water can be a great alternative to regular water, helping to suppress your appetite and make you feel less hungry. With the right strategies, you can conquer hunger during intermittent fasting.

What are some ways to curb hunger while following an intermittent fasting regimen?

Is it typical to experience hunger while doing intermittent fasting?

It’s not unexpected that hunger is a common occurrence when doing intermittent fasting. When reducing your calorie intake or going for long periods without eating, it’s normal to feel hungrier than usual.

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